Fiction writing is an art of imagination. The subject matter in creative writing can be anything from life experiences to fantasy ideas. An original piece can be in the future, past or present. The writers’ preferences and his or her target group often inform this choice. Some examples of creative works include fairy tales, folk tales, novels and short stories. Here are some of the most written creative writing topics.


Many creative writers prefer romance based topics since most readers can relate them to the happenings in their lives. These stories focus on romantic relations. Romance-based stories are characterized by sensual tension, desire, emotions and conflicts. Most writers tend to keep the two characters in love apart for some time to keep the story interesting, but with an optimistic and emotionally satisfying ending. Fifty Shades of Grey and The Notebook are some of the renowned topnotch romantic novels with a high rating among readers today.


This topic involves the incorporation of supernatural elements and magic in the plot of the story. The characters are given unusual abilities such as making interesting discoveries, engaging in battles, adventures, and solving problems with unimaginable incidents happening in the story. This topic can be used when writing both adult and children’s content. People enjoy them since they provide an escape avenue from both reality and everyday occurrences.

Suspense and Thrillers

Suspense based stories are irresistible. Suspense is generated when the reader has no clue of a story’s outcome. It contains elements such as threats, deception, twists, codes, surprises and hints. A writer can incorporate suspense in the title, in an individual character, or even in the plot.

Science Fiction

This topic talks about the impact of science and technology on society. Science fiction is futuristic, and most stories include time travel, space travel, extra-terrestrial lives, and parallel universes. These stories can keep readers hooked as they try to figure out the advanced technology, quests, and amazing discoveries, as well as the unexplored locations in the plot of the story.

Children’s Fiction

Children’s fiction encompasses a variety of works, including short, easy-to-read stories and picture books, which are often written solely for kids. These stories enhance a child’s creativity and sprint them to some wonderland. Stories of fairy tales, ghosts, goblins and spirits constitute child fiction stories. Children have loved these books since time immemorial, and they are still loved to date.


Mystery based stories have a huge audience all over the world. These stories mainly touch on crime, mostly murder. Crime, spy, and detective stories are also classified as mystery stories. The storyline is normally centred on a detective trying to solve a crime, and the climax, usually at the end of the story, unveils the mystery elements neatly for the readers’ expediency.

Creative writing is an enjoyable and rewarding art with lots of unexplored topics. But it does not always come easy. For you to be a renowned creative writer, you must put in the work. For a fact, if you do not read extensively, your stories will often be limited. You cannot sit down to write a poetry book without having ever read a poem, or write a fiction book when you know nothing about the subject. Continuous learning and exposure are mandatory in the writing process.