Vancouver Wedding Videographer | Cole + Therese + Embla

Every wedding is special.  It’s why we do what we do.  We get to see people at their happiest.  Some moments are huge events, with amazing speeches, crazy dances, and decorations that would make Prince Harry swoon!  However there are some weddings that are small, intimate, simple yet full of just as much love, thought, and emotion.

This was Cole and Therese (and Embla cause she’s the best of both of them together).

If you don’t know who Cole Roberts is, he’s one half of the amazing photography duo Nordica Photography (on my top 5 favourite wedding photographers list ps!).  Somehow, Cole as awesome as he is, managed to take the heart of the lovely Therese, a Sweedish gem!  Not only that, the two of them created one of the most beautiful babies I’ve ever seen in their daughter Embla!

This was their wedding….The three of them, Jakob (the other half or Nordica …. and family to them) and myself.  Talk about small and intimate!

Their focus…their family coming together!

We spent the morning doing life together, them getting ready as a family, putting on ties, hopping into dress, changing messy diapers, you know the usual wedding morning!  Then we popped into a limo (Thereses first time) and headed to a secluded North Vancouver beach to get married in a cave on what may have been the rainiest day of the year (waterfalls I tell you!).

The rain didn’t stop them, so it wasn’t going to stop us!  This was one of the most wonderful wedding days I’ve had the privilege of being a part of.  Thank you Cole and Therese for letting me share in your day with you (AND even sign as a witness to your union!! Say what!!)

Here is their day.

AND YES …. Cole took some photos of his OWN wedding, what a guy!

This video was colour graded using Magic Bullet Colorista II, Magic Bullet Looks, and VSCO (for those wondering)