Minter Gardens Wedding | Darci + Ben

I don’t even know where to begin with this wedding.  I probably haven’t laughed this hard, or had so much fun at a wedding in a long time.  From the word go, Darci and Ben were going to make their wedding day memorable.  Many try to do this by the decorations they have, by the cakes they order, or by the extravagance of their whole wedding….BUT Darci and Ben did it by just being them, having fun is who they are and in all honesty I had a hard time picking which awesome moments to put into their highlight.

I love it when couples make their wedding day a part of them, embrace their day, and have a blast while soaking it all in!

Their wedding was at St.Dunstan’s Anglican Church in Aldergrove (stunning church), and their reception was held at the always beautiful Minter Gardens, can’t beat that!

Here’s their highlight (make sure to watch till the end … you won’t regret it…wellllll maybe you will haha)