Lucas Aidan Wachniak

For most people who know me (Geoff), they know that I am an emotional guy.  It’s true!  I cry at movies, watching TV shows, heck, that Tim Hortons commercial that aired during the 2010 Olympics where the dudes family came from Africa got me EVERY TIME!

SO, when I asked Michael Wachniak to photograph the birth of my 2nd child Amélie this past November, his only caveat was that I photograph the birth of his second son….DEAL!!! BUT, I knew that I would be an emotional wreck, and that wasn’t gonna be good for anyone.

So around the end of December I get a text from Mike saying things were happening, Grit (the beautiful mother to be x2) was already having labor pains, almost a month early!! So on call I went.  Fast forward almost a month later … to the middle-ish of January (the due date of #2) … Mike calls me and says it’s GO TIME! I grab my gear and go, however after a few hours, the midwife gave the NO GO!

Things were a little more tense after the false call, but everyday I was in communication with Mike and Grit, always seeing how things were going.  It went from maybe today, to “Who knows when, nothin happening!!”  To say Mike and Grit weren’t anxious was an understatement.

THEN … the call!  “Geoff, pretty sure this is it, if it happens it’s gonna happen fast!”  And Mike wasn’t lying!! I got to their house at 9:30pm … at 10:45 little Lucas Aidan Wachniak was born.

From almost being a month early to being over a week late … this was quite the event!

Believe it or not, I kept it all together that day, I was in the zone focused, capturing each moment as it came!  However the emotion finally came when I watched the final video I made for them… cue the waterworks!!! What an amazing life experience this was.  As I watched and re-watched the whole event, all the nights events came flooding back and I was overwhelmed at what is truly one of life’s greatest miracles! Grit and Mike I will never forget sharing in this day with you, thank you so much for inviting me to be apart of such an incredible night!  As well thank you so much for giving me permission to share the birth of #2 with everyone else.

Here is their story (it is PG, but if you are a little squeamish, we’ll understand!)